Preference #28: Your Son’s Friends Come Over

A/N: The request is that you’re really attractive, so yeah. :D : (Your/Son’s/Name)

Louis: You and Louis finally gave into your son bringing two of his friends over. It wouldn’t be the first for Louis, but you never met (Y/S/N)’s friends. So when the fourteen year olds finally ambled into the living room, their jaws literally dropped to the floor. You so happened to be bent over - butt in the air - looking to fix the broken telly. “Oh hi Mom,” your son mumbled, throwing his bag over the couch. “Oh hello!” You straighten up and hug each of your son’s friends. “Mooom,” your son cries, clearly embarrassed. “Sorry, my hands are all dirty!” You shrug and leave the room. Louis comes in seconds later and shoots the friends a warning look. “Don’t get any ideas just because you got to feel her boobs for a few seconds,” he said.

Niall: Your son was all grown up and in college! For a weekend, your son said he’d come visit you and Niall, as long as he got to bring his friend, Sydney over. You and Niall assumed it was a girl he was getting to know, but as soon as a scruffy guy walked in after (Y/S/N), you had a better judgement. “Guys, this is Sydney. Sydney, this is my mom and dad.” Sydney grinned. “I was a fan of your music!” he said, shaking Niall’s hand. “Oh really, you listened to One Direction?” Niall asked. Sydney blushed. “My sister played it a lot…” “Right!” You and Niall both said, laughing. Sydney looked at you and just blushed. For the whole weekend, whenever you came downstairs half-dressed, Sydney would develop more of a crush on you…

Liam: It was (Y/S/N)’s 18th birthday and his 4 buddies were coming over to his parent’s house (aka you and Liam’s) to come pick him up and take him to a club. “Mom, can you answer the door while I put on some more axe?” your son asked. “That’s enough axe, (Y/S/N)!” Liam scolded him from upstairs. You opened the door and welcome in the 4 teenagers to sit in the living room. “MILF,” one of them coughed. “What?” you reply, furrowing your brow. “Oh nothing,” another one says. “You’re very pretty,” the 3rd on says, winking at you. You smile, “Aw thanks.” Suddenly, Liam’s arms are wrapped around you and your son is ready to go. “Did I hear someone say MILF?” Liam asked curiously, but also in a warning tone. The boys quickly left and you never found out what MILF meant…

Zayn: You and Zayn’s son was in the middle of maturity and puberty - 15 years old. He was growing a beard, just like his “old man”. His friends, Joe and Brent offered to have an initiation where they all shaved off their growing stubble. So as they were in the bathroom, getting ready to shave, you walk in with bath towels you’ll have to put in there. “Am I interrupting something?” you asked. “Mom, we’re about to shave,” your son huffed. Joe grinned, “Nah, it’s cool Mrs. M,” “Soon to be mine,” Brent whispered to Joe, elbowing him jokingly. You laugh. “Sure, sure, Brent.” You later tell Zayn what happens and the first thing he says is, “They’re not using my razor, right?

Harry: Just like Harry, (Y/S/N) grew up to be a complete pervert. And with being a pervert, you befriend other perverts. (Y/S/N) and his best friend, Trent, were in his room, watching porn on Trent’s HD laptop. Harry came in a little bit after they were 2 minutes in, wondering why it was so quiet. “What’re you guys doing?” he asked. “Um, porn?” your son replied quietly. You walked in at the exact moment and sighed. “Again? Really (Y/S/N)?” Trent looked at the screen and back to you. “Hey, she kinda looks like you, Mrs. S,” he said nonchalantly  Harry laughed. “Wow, this video just got a little bit more kinkier…” “Oh god, turn it off, please,” your son covered his eyes, scarred for life. Now, Trent watches that same video all the time.

Requested! You people are lovely! :) -Kamille

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